Introducing Tableau

Tableau modernizes Fourth Shift, by supplying dashboards and key indicators for all departments within a company.  From the CEO to operations management, finance to the shop floor, Tableau for Fourth Shift provides fully integrated visual analytics to different segments of your staff in real-time. Best of all, ICG supplies initial template dashboards for your key departments and manages the integration from start to finish.


We selected Tableau as our Business Intelligence (BI) partner because of their laser-sharp focus of putting data front and center to make better business decisions and modernize Fourth Shift.

Software We Provide

Tableau for Fourth Shift

“Transforming the mess of data, spreadsheets, and reports that we routinely collect into a useful asset really has to be a process. It has to be a very focused and considered process. ICG’s Tableau for Fourth Shift Dashboards empower the leaders, managers, and employees for a manufacturing business all while modernizing Fourth Shift.”  — Jeff Bronson, ICG CEO


  • Dashboards
    • Templates are configured and managed by ICG. Dashboards offer custom visualizations on manufacturing metrics
  • Data sources
    • Secure connection to the client’s data sources
  • Licensing 
    • Bundled licensing from Tableau
  • Support
    • Solution support on connectivity, security, dashboards, and enhancements

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Licensing & Support Options

The ICG/Tableau licensing bundle includes 1 Tableau Creator, 1 Tableau Explorer, and 10 Tableau Viewers.

  • Tableau Creator 
    • Design and curate data sources (dashboards/workbooks)
    • Publishing permissions
  • Tableau Explorer
    • Modify existing dashboards
    • User management
  • Tableau Viewer
    • View and run authorized dashboards


ICG Support includes:

  • Support on existing Views & Dashboards
  • Access to newly created Fourth Shift Views & Dashboards

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Benefits to Manufacturers

Manufacturers will find tremendous value with Tableau. They can access data from a single source of truth and share it seamlessly across the organization.

  • Link similar data to gain key insights in seconds.
    • Ordinarily, this would take hours or days with more programming-intensive methods.
  • Leverage information from disparate sources.
    • From human resources, raw materials, capital investments, production equipment, logistics, to customer service and support, Tableau prevents data from staying siloed.
  • Improve process efficiency, centralize production monitoring, and better serve customers.
    • These manufacturing analytics drive actionable changes in workflow.

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About Tableau


Tableau was founded in 2003 and is the market-leading choice for modern business intelligence. The Tableau product supports the full cycle of self-service analytics from prep to analysis to sharing, with governance and data management every step of the way.

Dashboard Examples

Tableau’s easy-to-use, customizable dashboard provides business intelligence metrics, tailored to audience. From CEO to operations management to finance, Tableau offers fully integrated visual analytics to different segments of Fourth Shift users.


ICG offers 5 templates to users: Manufacturing Operations, Purchasing Operations, Customer & Sales, Order Variance, and Finance.

Manufacturing Operations

Purchasing Operations

Customer & Sales

Order Variance

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