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Part 1: CloudFour Hosting for Mobility & Flexibility

22 February, 2021 Now, more than ever, manufacturers must be mobile. Even though products can’t be manufactured from home, many other functions can be done remotely. Executives, management, and administrative staff can all guide the production from home and be very efficient while doing so. However, it can be difficult to deliver many ERP systems remotely. Our IT foundation approach is coupled with our three decades of immersion in every aspect of manufacturing, from the boardroom to the shop floor. And during this time, we developed the expertise to deliver manufacturing operations anywhere and at any time. The evolution of...

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Meet the Team – Roger

09 February, 2021 ICG’s sales team is led by Roger Weidel and we’d like to share a bit about him. Roger joined the ICG team about two years ago and serves as our Sales Director. Roger spent over four decades working in an IT capacity within the manufacturing industry. Before his time at ICG, Roger spent 21 years at Fourth Shift, SoftBrands, and Infor. At each, he held a variety of consulting, sales, and implementation roles. Roger brings decades of manufacturing experience and knowledge to ICG. Because he grew up in manufacturing, he has vast expertise that he can share...

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Part 3: I Got a Guy – IT Super Guy (or System) does it all!

03 February, 2021 In part one and two of this series, ICG CEO Jeff Bronson shared why relying on one “IT Super Guy” is a risky undertaking. It doesn’t matter whether the person in question is internal or external to your organization. Today’s technology is too diverse, multifaceted, and complex to be tackled by a single resource. It’s important to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of all your resources. From there, you can build a cohesive team to support the technology needs of your organization. Meet Super SystemSometimes the “expert” is not a person at all, but is rather a...

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ICG is Leading the Way for Tennessee Manufacturing

25 January, 2021 Tennessee is a hotbed of manufacturing. We are so proud of our state! As of 2017, nearly 350,000 Tennesseans were employed in manufacturing. During this time, the state exported nearly $32 billion worth of manufactured goods. Additionally, at a national level, U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders totaled $383.8 million in October 2020, an increase of 3.7% from September 2020. “All metrics point to a continuation of economic recovery in the manufacturing technology sector,” said Douglas K. Woods, president of AMT (the Association for Manufacturing Technology). The past 24 months have seen an even greater shift to onshore manufacturing....

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Part 2: I Got a Guy – IT Super Guy (or System) does it all!

05 January, 2021 Putting all your IT eggs in one basket is risky. And it often delivers poor results for the business. Therefore, a strong team approach is critical to success. Meet External Super GuyOften, the “guy” is a technology contractor or vendor.  They are branded as both an expert in business AND an inexpensive outsourced solution. The problem is that 99% of IT companies only focus on IT components. They don’t know how a manufacturing company works. They also don’t know what is required to deliver the ERP and business software. Business software is the foundation of the business....

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