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Meet the Team – Richard

13 April, 2021 ICG’s customer support team is led by Richard Carlisle and we’d like to share a bit about him. Richard joined the ICG team 3 years ago and serves in a supervisory role for all customer support operations. He has over 25 years of experience in both IT and application support for a broad spectrum of industries. Richard brings decades of customer-facing experience to ICG. His vast experience in those types of roles enables him to be a mentor to those more junior than he. At ICG, Richard works tirelessly to ensure customers receive impeccable and frictionless customer...

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Part 1: How to avoid enterprise-damaging situations

07 April, 2021 It can be easy for companies to avoid planning for enterprise-damaging situations. In this multipart series, we’ll share some common ones and offer strategies for prevention. We often hear customers say things like, “I’m sure it’s working because we are heavily invested or invested properly.” Or, “we have always done it this way, and it’s worked just fine.” A shift in thinking and culture is most likely required to resolve this. ICG will leverage our experience, listen to your needs, and provide solutions that drive your business. And that takes trust. We believe that transparency builds trust,...

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Introducing Data Guard 365 — Total Security Management

29 March, 2021 At ICG, it’s important to us to offer products that improve mobility, flexibility, scalability, and security. Your technology should be able to deliver, anywhere, anytime. So, we’re excited to share our newest product offering – Data Guard 365 Security Operations Center (SOC). Data-Guard365 delivers three core services: Threat intelligenceManaged Security ServicesProfessional ServicesWe selected Data Guard365 as our SOC partner because of their laser-sharp focus on intelligence gathering, cybersecurity defense, and detection of attacks. They offer immediate response, coupled with remediation. Data Guard 365 has a firm belief in affordable next-generation cybersecurity. This means that they are able...

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Webinar: CloudFour Hosting

22 March, 2021 This Thursday, our sales team will host a webinar roundtable discussion about CloudFour Hosting. They will share more about the product, and address questions that Legacy Infor ERP users and admins may have. CloudFour Hosting offers private hosting in a fully managed and supported environment. CloudFour Hosting is engineered to offer security, speed, redundancy & high availability, and mobility. ERPs such as Fourth Shift, SyteLine, Visual, and many more can be delivered remotely using CloudFour Hosting. They’ll answer questions such as: Why is ICG uniquely qualified to deliver this service?What type of “check list” should a company...

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Part 2: CloudFour Hosting for Mobility & Flexibility

02 March, 2021 In our last post, we introduced the idea that with products like CloudFour Hosting, the manufacturing industry can become more mobile and flexible than ever before. Though production would still occur on site, core functions of the business could be done from afar. Many may have concerns about moving their ERP to the cloud and we wanted to address some concerns head-on. Why the heck should I trust ICG?We are a manufacturing technology company! We live, eat, and breathe technology in manufacturing. And, we have 30 years of expertise in enterprise IT architecture and ERPs. Our team...

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